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  DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls, Bulk Wholesale

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DuPont Tyvek Disposable Coveralls  
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DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls with Collar

DuPont™ collared style coveralls are made with Tyvek® material and come with or without elastic, and each style has a zipper front. The Tyvek® hooded style coveralls feature elastic around the face, wrist, and ankle. They have a set sleeve pattern for greater arm movement.

Fabric Description
DuPont™ Tyvek® flashspun polyolefin is a unique, nonwoven material. Resistant to penetration, it is chemically and biologically inert, low linting and anti-static treated.

Coveralls feature serged seam; A seam produced when three threads are interlocked around the raw edges of two pieces of material for a strong, stress-resistant seam.
Tyvek® fabric data  » Read more.  DuPont #TY122S.

Each size is packed 25/case

  DuPont™ Tyvek® collared coveralls. Elastic around wrist and ankle    
  476  Tyvek Coveralls, Medium    $170.17   No Stk
  475  Tyvek Coveralls, Large $170.17   No Stk
  478  Tyvek Coveralls, XLarge $170.17   No Stk
  479  Tyvek Coveralls, 2XL $177.39   Buy  
  480  Tyvek Coveralls, 3XL $185.03   Buy  
  481  Tyvek Coveralls, 4XL $195.82   Buy  
  482  Tyvek Coveralls, 5XL $208.95   Buy  



  Tyvek® collared coveralls. No elastic around wrist and ankle    
  459  Tyvek Coveralls, Medium    $156.36   Buy  
  458  Tyvek Coveralls, Large $156.36   Buy  
  461  Tyvek Coveralls, XLarge $156.36   Buy  
  462  Tyvek Coveralls, 2XL $162.72   Buy  
  463  Tyvek Coveralls, 3XL $169.49   Buy  
  464  Tyvek Coveralls, 4XL $179.04   Buy  
  465  Tyvek Coveralls, 5XL $189.34   Buy  



DuPont Tyvek Hooded Coveralls
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  Hooded coveralls. Elastic around face, wrist, and ankle    
  485  Tyvek Hooded Coveralls, Medium    $178.75   Buy  
  484  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, Large $178.75   Buy  
  487  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, XLarge $178.75   No Stk
  488  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, 2XL $186.46   Buy  
  489  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, 3XL $194.65   No Stk
  490  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, 4XL $206.23   No Stk
  491  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, 5XL $233.92   Buy  
  Hooded coveralls with attached booties, Elastic around face and wrist    
  467  Tyvek Hooded Coveralls, Medium    $180.65   Buy  
  466  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, Large $180.65   Buy  
  469  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, XLarge $180.65   Buy  
  470  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, 2XL $188.50   Buy  
  471  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, 3XL $196.80   Buy  
  472  Tyvek  Hooded Coveralls, 4XL $208.56   Buy  
  473  Tyvek Hooded Coveralls, 5XL
Chest size: 40D
$221.23   Buy  
  474  Tyvek Hooded Coveralls, 6XL $236.67   No Stk
  559  Tyvek Hooded Coveralls, 7XL $251.61   No Stk



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Bulk Wholesale Disposable Tyvek Coveralls


Tyvek collared style coveralls


Tyvek Hooded coveralls with elastic around face, wrist, ankles