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NIOSH Certified N95 Disposable Respirator, Bulk Wholesale

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3M N95 Respirator Mask 8511 Wholesale    

3M™ N95 Respirator Mask 8511, Disposable

3M™ N95 respirator 8511 is NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil. The innovative "M" nose clip helps provide a good seal against the face. This comfortable-, durable respirator has the Cool Flow® exhalation valve to reduce heat and humidity build-up inside the respirator. Regular size. How to properly use your N95 respirator » learn more

80 respirators per case
    115   3M™ N95 Respirator Mask 8511     $180.28   Buy

3M™ N95 Respirator Mask 8210 Wholesale    

3M™ N95 Respirator Mask 8210 and 8210V, Disposable

3M™ N95 respirator 8210 is NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles. Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal. Regular size.

The 3M™ N95 respirator 8210V is also NIOSH approved and helps provide reliable worker respiratory protection. The 8210V respirator features 3M™ Cool Flow® exhalation valve for optimal breathing efficiency. Testing shows the atmosphere inside the 8210V respirator with a 3M™ Cool Flow® valve is on average 5.5°F cooler than a similar respirator without the valve. Regular size. » 8210V Technical Specification Sheet. How to properly use your N95 respirator » learn more
    755 3M™ N95 Respirator 8210, 160/Case $145.75 Buy  
    235    3M™ N95 Respirator 8210V, 80/Case    $126.40     Buy  

3M™ N95 Respirator Mask 8110S Wholesale    

3M™ N95 Respirator Mask 8110S, Disposable

3M™ N95 respirator 8110S is NIOSH approved to provide at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil. The 8110S resporator is designed for people with smaller faces. It features 3M™ advanced electret media for easier and cooler breathing and adjustable noseclip for a secure seal and to reduce eyewear fogging. Available in small size.

Use 3M™ N95 respirator mask 8110S primarily for: Grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging, dusty operations, wood working, foundries.

160 respirators per case
    525   3M™ N95 Respirator Mask 8110S, Small   $163.96    No Stk

3M™ N95 Respirator Aura 9210+ Wholesale    
3M™ N95 Respirator Aura® 9210+ and 9211+

The 3M™ Aura® 9210+ and 9211+ are both lightweight particulate respirators that feature a three-panel, collapse-resistant design that offers a low profile for better visibility. Respirator conforms to a wide range of face sizes.

These N95 Respirator masks are ideal for grinding, bagging, and other dusty applications. Use for protection from solid particles such as those generated during textile operations, dry chemical handling, and food preparation and handling. Masks can also be used for protection against liquid or non-oil-based particles that do not emit harmful vapors.

N95 respirators are individually packaged to prevent contamination during storage, increase worker acceptance, and allow easy dispensing. Only the 9211+ respirator features a Cool Flow® exhalation valve for optimal breathing efficiency.
    212   3M™ Respirator Aura 9210+. 240/case    $266.04    No Stk
    213   3M™ Respirator Aura 9211+ with Valve.  
$254.75    Buy  

3M™ N95 Respirator 8515 Wholesale      
3M™ N95 Respirator Mask 8515, Welding

The 3M™ N95 particulate respirator 8515 is designed to help provide comfortable and reliable worker protection. N95 respirator mask for: welding, torch cutting, brazing, and soldering. Flame resistant per modified ASTM D2859. Regular size. » Material Safety Data Sheet

NIOSH Approved
▪ 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil

▪ Adjusts easily for fewer pressure points and greater comfort
▪ Reduces the potential for eyewear fogging
▪ Helps provide a custom fit and secure seal

Cool Flow® Exhalation Valve
▪ A patented one-way valve that offers easy exhalation for cooler- dry comfort

40 respirators (4 boxes packed 10 each)
    645   3M™ N95 Respirator Mask for Welding     $132.80    Buy  

N95 Respirator Mask Pouch Style Wholesale
   + Enlarge Picture 
N95 Respirator Mask Pouch Style, Disposable

Comfort and protection you can trust, pouch style respirators provide protection against occupational as well as environmental threats remaining in the air. Not for medical use. Jackson Safety® part number 64235.

N95 Respirator Mask Pouch Style Features:
  • Flat pouch style large breathing chamber
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Headbands made of bicomponent elastomer material that are securely bonded to the mask (not stapled)
  • Two layers of electro-statically treated meltblown filter media
  • Regular size

300 respirators (6 bags packed 50 each)
    435    N95 Respirator Pouch Style   $254.44    $239.38    Buy  

Moldex N95 Respirator Mask with Exhalation Valve
Moldex™ N95 Respirator Mask with Exhalation Valve

Moldex™ Dura-Mesh® N95 respirator has a shell feature that protects the N95 filter media so it stays cleaner-looking longer. The shell resists collapsing, even in heat and humidity so the respirator holds its shape longer. The result is fewer respirators used, and lower respirator costs. Moldex™ part number 2300N95.

Moldex™ N95 Respirator Features:
  • Molded nose bridge (no metal)
  • Soft foam nose cushion
  • Softspun® lining for increased comfort
  • Naturally contoured facepiece with attached straps
  • Exhalation valve

40 respirators (4 boxes packed 10 each)
    955   Moldex™ N95 Respirator with Valve    $135.00    Buy  

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