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  Tecnol and Fluidshield N95 Respirator and Surgical Mask- Bulk Wholesale

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   Kimberly-Clark™ Tecnol® N95 Respirator Surgical Mask
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Kimberly-Clark™ Tecnol® PFR95 N95 NIOSH approved respirator and surgical mask provides a minimum of 95% filtration efficiency at 0.3Ám. This pouch-style design provides a large breathing chamber with limited facial contact. Two polyurethane bands secure the mask to the face to ensure a tight facial seal and prevent leakage around the mask edges.

Please note: The manufacturer has discontinued production of the Tecnol® PFR95 N95 respirator and surgical mask.
  Tecnol® Respirator & Surgical Mask with Fluidshield    
  177  Small Size
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  153  Regular Size
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   Halyard™ Fluidshield® N95 Respirator Surgical Mask
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Halyard™ Fluidshield® surgical N95 filter respirator mask is NIOSH approved and is designed to provide an effective facial fit as required for proper respiratory protection. Mask features a 5-layer construction with a soft inner lining. 100% natural rubber latex-free, and available with safety seal.

  • NIOSH approved to filter out at least 95% of very small (<0.3 Ám) particles, including bacteria and viruses
  • Bonded straps are not stapled to the mask
  • Malleable, adjustable nose wire for customized fit
  • Duckbill breathing chamber is more than twice as large as the leading competitive surgical N95
  • SO SOFT® inner lining for comfort
  • Compact, easy storage; folds flat without crushing
  • FDA cleared Class 2 medical device, Level 3

Pack: 210 masks (35 masks per box, 6 boxes per case)
  Fluidshield® Surgical N95 Filter Respirator    
  880  Regular Size, Orange
210 Masks Case 
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Kimberly-Clark™ Tecnol® N95 respirator surgical mask

Halyard™ Fluidshield® N95 respirator surgical mask

N95 respirator surgical mask with fluidshield