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  Lab Coats, DuPont™ Tyvek® and IsoClean® Bulk Wholesale

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DuPont™ Tyvek® Lab Coat  

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Tyvek® Lab Coats

Lab coats made of DuPont™ Tyvek® fabric/material offer an inherent barrier against dry particulate hazards and light liquid splash. Even after abrasion, Tyvek® material stops sub-micron particles better than reusable garments.  » DuPont™ Tyvek® Fabric Data

Disposable, low-linting full cut lab coats feature: Serged seams; Long sleeves with collar; Snap front closure; Two pockets (left chest, right hip pocket). Lab coat length is above knee.

Pack: 30 units per case

    509    DuPont Tyvek Lab Coat, Small    $0.00 No Stk
    508   DuPont Tyvek Lab Coat, Medium    $281.66   Buy  
    507   DuPont Tyvek Lab Coat, Large   $281.66 Buy  
    510   DuPont Tyvek Lab Coat, XLarge   $281.66 Buy  
    511   DuPont Tyvek Lab Coat, 2XL   $298.45 Buy  
    512   DuPont Tyvek Lab Coat, 3XL   $288.99 Buy  
    513   DuPont Tyvek Lab Coat, 4XL   $329.39 Buy  



DuPont IsoClean Lab Coats  

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IsoClean® Lab Coats, Cleanroom

Lab coats made of Tyvek® IsoClean® provides a premium level of protection and durability while remaining comfortable. These lab coats offer an excellent barrier against dry particles, nonhazardous liquids, and microorganisms, and are designed for use in cleanroom environments. Limited-use lab coats are antistatic-treated, low-linting, and chemically and biologically inert.  » Tyvek® IsoClean® MSDS

Lab coat features serged seams, laydown collar, five-snap front, one breast pocket, two hip pockets, open wrists, and raglan sleeves.

This product usually ships within 14 day(s).
Pack: 30 units per case

    196    Tyvek IsoClean Lab Coats, Small   $388.41   Buy  
    612  Tyvek IsoClean Lab Coats, Medium    $482.14   Buy  
    194  Tyvek IsoClean Lab Coats, Large   $367.28   Buy  
    614  Tyvek IsoClean Lab Coats, XLarge   $429.71   Buy  
    190  Tyvek IsoClean Lab Coats, 2XL   $505.78   Buy  

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DuPont™ Lab Coats- Bulk Wholesale

Lab Coat made with Tyvek® PPE material

Lab Coat made with IsoClean® PPE material