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  Tyvek® IsoClean Coveralls, Clean-Processed or Sterile

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DuPont Tyvek IsoClean coveralls  
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Coveralls with Elastic Wrists and Elastic Ankles

DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® coveralls provide high levels of protection and durability while remaining comfortable. A unique patented flash-spinning process creates an effective barrier against dry particulates, non-hazardous liquids, and microorganisms.
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Coveralls feature: Bound seams, bound neck, dolman sleeves, front zipper closure, covered elastic wrists and ankles. Garments are chemically and biologically inert, low-linting, and static-free until laundered. Color: white. DuPont #IC253B

Packaging: Each coverall is individually packaged in an opaque bag and placed in double transparent poly liners. Garments are packaged in an ISO Class 4 (FED-STD-209E Class 10/M2.5) cleanroom. Sterile coveralls are gamma sterilized.

    Pack: 25/case


    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, Clean Processed      
    822    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, Small $0.00   Sold Out
    824    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, Medium    $0.00   Sold Out
    826    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, Large $0.00   Sold Out
    828    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, XLarge    $340.72   Buy  
    830    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, 2XL $0.00   Sold Out
    832    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, 3XL $0.00   Sold Out
    834    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, 4XL $387.83   Buy  
    834    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, 5XL $0.00   Sold Out



    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls, Clean Processed and Sterile      
    548    DuPont™ IsoClean® Coveralls Sterile, 5XL     $471.13   Buy  



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DuPont Tyvek IsoClean Coveralls various sizes


Tyvek IsoClean Coveralls Clean Processed and Sterile


Size X-Large, 2X Large, 3X Large, 4X Large, 5X Large