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  Cleanroom, Nonsterile or Sterile Latex Gloves

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Non-Sterile CR100 Latex Cleanroom Gloves  

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Cardinal Health™ CR100 Latex Cleanroom Gloves, Nonsterile

Cardinal Health™ nonsterile, hand-specific cleanroom latex gloves feature low particulates, low extractables, and high strength. Controlled natural latex formulation and unique anatomical shape result in thin fingertips for greater sensitivity without sacrificing strength. Strong cuffs fit securely over cleanroom garments. Beaded cuff. Powder-free with a bisque finish. Length: 30.5cm (12 inch). Thickness: 7mil.

To ensure cleanliness, gloves undergo a special cleaning process. Gloves meet ASTM D3578 standards.

Ordering information: The hermetically-sealed, bag-in-a-bag packaging protects gloves from corrugate contamination. Each lot is fully traceable, and each package label includes the manufacturing lot number.

Pack: 50 pairs per bag, 4 bags per case



1616  CR100 Latex Gloves, Size: 6  $825.50    Buy  
1617  CR100 Latex Gloves, Size: 6˝  $825.50    Buy  
1618  CR100 Latex Gloves, Size: 7 $825.50    Buy  
1619  CR100 Latex Gloves, Size: 7˝ $825.50    Buy  
1620  CR100 Latex Gloves, Size: 8 $825.50    Buy  
1621  CR100 Latex Gloves, Size: 8˝ $825.50    Buy  
1622  CR100 Latex Gloves, Size: 9 $825.50    Buy  





Sterile CR100 Latex Cleanroom Gloves  

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Cardinal Health™ CR100 Latex Cleanroom Gloves, Sterile

Cardinal Health™ versatile, high-quality latex cleanroom gloves can be used in critical environments that demand stringent aseptic procedures. Gloves are sterile, hand-specific and powder-free. Low particulates and extractables. Glove features bisque finish with a tapered cuff.

Sterilized by gamma radiation to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10–6 in accordance with AAMI guidelines.

Strong 7mil thickness, 30.5cm (12 inch) length, natural color.

Pair packed and double-bagged for superior protection. Pack: 100 pair per case



1861  CR100 Sterile Latex Gloves, Size: 6  $780.14    Buy  
1862  CR100 Sterile Latex Gloves, Size: 6˝  $780.14    Buy  
1863  CR100 Sterile Latex Gloves, Size: 7 $780.14    Buy  
1864  CR100 Sterile Latex Gloves, Size: 7˝ $780.14    Buy  
1865  CR100 Sterile Latex Gloves, Size: 8 $780.14    Buy  
1866  CR100 Sterile Latex Gloves, Size: 8˝ $780.14    Buy  
1867  CR100 Sterile Latex Gloves, Size: 9 $780.14    Buy  



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