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  Cleanroom Latex Gloves- Nonsterile or Sterile

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CR100 Latex Cleanroom Glove Non-Sterile  

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Cleanroom Glove Latex, Nonsterile, Cardinal Health™ CR100

Cardinal Health™ nonsterile, hand-specific cleanroom latex gloves feature low particulates, low extractables, and high strength. Controlled natural latex formulation and unique anatomical shape result in thin fingertips for greater sensitivity without sacrificing strength. Strong cuffs fit securely over cleanroom garments. Beaded cuff. Powder-free with a bisque finish. Length: 30.5cm (12"). Thickness: 7 mil.

To ensure cleanliness, gloves undergo a special cleaning process. Gloves meet ASTM D3578 standards.

Ordering information: The hermetically-sealed, bag-in-a-bag packaging protects gloves from corrugate contamination. Each lot is fully traceable, and each package label includes the manufacturing lot number.

Pack: 200 pair (50 pair per bag, 4 bags per case)

1617    CR100 Latex Cleanroom Gloves, Size: 6.5     $908.43    Buy  
1620  CR100 Latex Cleanroom Gloves, Size: 8   $888.61    Buy  



Kimtech G3 Sterile Latex Cleanroom Glove    

Cleanroom Glove Latex, Sterile, Kimtech™ G3

Kimtech™ G3 gloves are ideal for critical cleanroom environments. Hand-specific gloves are specially washed to control particle levels.

  • 8.6 mil thick, 12" long and come in hand-specific pairs
  • Fully textured, non-slip surface provides exceptional wet/dry grip without compromising tactile sensitivity
  • Tapered, beaded cuff reduces rolldown, makes donning easier, enhances cuff strength, and forms a better seal on the garment
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation
  • Traceability system and irradiation certifications meet internal validation requirements
  • Natural color

Recommended for ISO Class 4 (FED-STD-209E Class 1/M1.5) or higher cleanroom environments. Individually packaged for aseptic donning. Double bagged with case liner. » Technical Data Sheet

Pack: 20 pairs/ double poly bag, 10 double poly bags. (200 pairs/case)

3889  Sterile Latex Glove Cleanroom, Size: 6   $917.58   Buy  
3887    Sterile Latex Glove Cleanroom, Size: 6.5       $917.58   Buy  
3885  Sterile Latex Glove Cleanroom, Size: 7   $917.58   Buy  
3883  Sterile Latex Glove Cleanroom, Size: 7.5   $917.58   Buy  
3881  Sterile Latex Glove Cleanroom, Size: 8   $917.58   Buy  
3879  Sterile Latex Glove Cleanroom, Size: 8.5   $917.58   Buy  
3743  Sterile Latex Glove Cleanroom, Size: 9   $917.58   Buy  
3745  Sterile Latex Glove Cleanroom, Size: 10   $917.58   Buy  

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Cardinal Health™ CR100 and Kimtech™ G3 cleanroom latex gloves

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