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VWR International Biohazard Bag
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Autoclavable biohazard bags are ideal for processing of biohazardous materials which require autoclaving prior to disposal.

Available with or without temperature indicator. High-integrity polypropylene bags withstand 135°C (275°F) maximum autoclave temperature. Twist-tie closure allows bag to expand and vent steam during cooling. Bags resist punctures, tears, and leaks, and meet the 165g dart drop standard performed as required by ASTM D1709-98. Bags are 2 mil. thick and are available in clear, red, or orange plastic. Each bag is imprinted with the universal biohazard symbol.

Indicator bags have the words "Contents Have Been Autoclaved" printed in a chemically active ink. Before autoclaving, the ink is white. After autoclaving is complete, it darkens, providing instant proof that biohazardous waste has been autoclaved. » Bag quality certificate

Clear biohazard bags with indicator

    066    12"W x 24"H clear bag, 200/case   $173.81     Buy  
    068  24"W x 30"H clear bag, 200/case   $330.04   Buy  
    070  24"W x 36"H clear bag, 200/case   $296.42   Buy  
    680  37"W x 48"H clear bag, 100/case   $578.30   Buy  


Red biohazard bags with indicator

    026    8"W x 12"H red bag, 400/case      $132.28     Buy  
    028  14"W x 19"H red bag, 200/case   $149.37   Buy  
    030  19"W x 24"H red bag, 200/case   $190.74   Buy  
    032  25"W x 35"H red bag, 200/case   $372.48   Buy  
    034  36"W x 45"H red bag, 100/case   $347.88   Buy  

Orange biohazard bags with indicator
    046    8"W x 12"H orange bag, 400/case      $132.20     Buy  
    048  14"W x 19"H orange bag, 200/case   $155.03   Buy  
    050  19"W x 24"H orange bag, 200/case   $205.96   Buy  
    052  25"W x 35"H orange bag, 200/case   $361.17   Buy  
    054  36"W x 45"H orange bag, 100/case   $364.36   Buy  

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