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  Tyvek® Disposable Pants with Elastic Waist

Tyvek® 400 Pants
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Tyvek® pants are made of DuPont™ Tyvek® 400 flashspun polyolefin, which is a unique, nonwoven material that provides protection against hazardous dry particles, aerosols, and nonhazardous light liquid splash. The protection is built into the fabric itself; it can t be abraded or worn away. Tyvek® pants are engineered with a unique comfort-fit design to give wearers what they want a greater range of movement, improved mobility, a more tailored fit, and better overall comfort. Suitable for applications that do not require the full body coverage of a coverall. DuPont™ TY350.

  • Elastic at waist
  • Open ankles
  • Serged seams
  • 5.9 mil thickness
  • Disposable
Pack: 50 pants per case. Case price starting at $166.22
* Offer valid while supplies last.

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  N95 Respirator Mask Pouch Style

N95 Respirator Pouch Style
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Comfort and protection you can trust, pouch style respirators provide protection against occupational as well as environmental threats remaining in the air. Jackson® Safety 64235.

  • Flat pouch style large breathing chamber
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Headbands made of bicomponent elastomer material that are securely bonded (not stapled) to the mask
  • Two layers of electro-statically treated meltblown filter media
  • Regular size

300 respirators (6 bags packed 50 each). Was $254.44 per case, temporary reduced price $239.38
* Offer valid while supplies last.

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