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Fluid Resistant Full Face Shield Protector

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Fluid Resistant Full Face Shield  
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Fluid Resistant Full Face Shield  
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Fluid Resistant Full Face Shield

The full face sheild was developed based on customer requests to help conserve N95 face masks by providing a fluid-resistant first layer of defense for their N95 masks.

▪ Face shield helps block liquid splash, dust, and more

▪ Internal testing meets D3 liquid splash protection and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 standard for impact, optical clarity and haze

▪ Quick and easy to don and doff

▪ Help reduce incidental face touching

▪ Size: 13.7 by 9.5

▪ Strap and foam colors may vary as well as thickness of plastic

▪ Do not use as protection against flames or sparks

▪ N95 mask not included

Packaged: Case of 12

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