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  Disposable N95 Respirator Masks for Dust and Mist

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Disposable N95 Respirator Masks Dust and Mist   

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Disposable N95 Respirator Masks

Model 5200 Respirator combines excellent safety and comfort features to ensure reliable protection and a lightweight secure fit. An adjustable nose clip provides a secure seal against the user's face. The 5200 provides protection against solid and liquid particles that do not contain oil. This respirator is an economical solution for applications such as sawing, sanding, sweeping and bagging. NIOSH approved TC-84A-3323.

Model 5200-AV Respirator with breather valve provides comfortable and lightweight protection. The aluminum nose clip adjusts for proper fit, and two elastic bands ensure the mask stay in place. Respirator is for use in areas with non-oil solid and liquid particles. The exhalation valve is ideally suited for work settings that involve heat, humidity, or long periods of wear. The one-way valve allows hot air to escape keeping the user cool and comfortable. NIOSH approved TC-84A-3904.

Model 5400 Respirator with organic vapor relief (active carbon filter) is ideal for environments where organic vapors or acid gases are present. Respirator features added sorbent to filter out nuisance levels of ozone, organic vapors, or acid gas irritants. Respirator provides at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil. It is safe to use in areas where organic level concentration is below OSHA PEL. NIOSH approved TC-84A-3323.


  Model Nos.        
  5200   Respirators, 160/case   $0.00    Sold Out
  5200-AV   Respirators, 80/case   $0.00    Sold Out
  5400   Respirators, 80/case   $0.00    Sold Out


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Dust and mist N95 respirator masks


Respirator with breather valve or organic vapor relief


NIOSH approved N95 respirator masks