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  Disposable Dust Face Masks | Earloop Masks, Bulk Wholesale

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Disposable Dust Face Masks Cone Shaped
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Disposable Dust Face Masks, Cone Shaped

Nuisance dust masks are constructed of three(3) layers of polyester fibers. Dust face mask provides comfortable protection from non-toxic particles such as sawdust, pollen, alfalfa, etc. Mask features an elastic headband, soft aluminum nosepiece that adjusts for proper fit, and is molded with a low profile to stay out of your field of vision. Colors available: white, blue, or pink.

Dust face masks do not provide N95 approved protection.

Bulk case of 600 masks
12 boxes packed 50 each

    Disposable Dust Face Masks, White    $236.53    Buy  
    Disposable Dust Face Masks, Blue    $0.00    Sold out
    Disposable Dust Face Masks, Pink    $0.00    Sold Out



3-Ply Pleated Face Masks with Earloops
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Disposable Earloop Face Mask 3-Ply Pleated, Non-Medical

These face masks are for use in non-medical environments. Masks are intended for anyone that is not a healthcare professional. However, the materials used to make our masks are FDA approved for food contact applications. This type of face mask is recommended by the CDC to increase infection control in low-risk applications that do not involve bodily fluids or blood-borne pathogens.

Mask Features:
• 3-Ply pleated construction
• Adjustable nosepiece for comfort and fit
• Outer/Middle/Inner layers: 25 GSM light blue spun-bonded polypropylene
• Not intended for use by healthcare professionals
• Size: universal, one size fits all
• Color: blue/white
• Masks are not individually wrapped

Bulk case of 500 masks. 10 inner packs packed 50 each

    Disposable Earloop Face Mask 3 Ply Pleated    $185.30    Buy  




3-Ply Level 1 Procedure Face Masks with Earloops
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3-Ply Level 1 Procedure Face Mask with Earloops, Medical Grade

ASTM Level 1 masks are the standard for procedural masks. They are a cost-effective solution for general use, particularly in low-fluid cases. Procedural masks are traditionally intended for use outside of the Operating Room. These masks conform to any size or shape face. Custom fit is achieved by pinching the aluminum nose strip.

Mask Features:
• Fluid resistance: 120 mm Hg
• BFE >98% at 3.0 m
• PFE >95% at 0.1 m
• Delta P (breathability) <4.0 H₂O/cm 
• Flame spread class 1
• Extra long, aluminum nose piece
• Color: blue
• Masks are not individually wrapped

Certifications: FDA registered product code QKR - Device Class I ear loop mask. Meets EN 14683 Rating - Type IIR Standard.

Bulk case of 2000 masks. 40 boxes packed 50 each

    3 Ply Level 1 Procedure Face Masks      $1,479.68    Buy  


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Disposable dust breathing face masks cone shaped


White or blue dust face masks


Pink dust face masks


Bulk wholesale dust face masks