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ThermoSafe™ Absorbent Barrier Sheets

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ThermoSafe™ Absorbent Barrier Sheet

ThermoSafe™ absorbent barrier sheets absorb spills that may occur during shipment of diagnostic specimens and biological materials. Made of tissue-based paper substrate impregnated with super-absorbent polymers to help prevent leakage and possible contamination of package handler. Sheets meet regulations and recommendations of U.S. Government, U.S. Postal Service, and United Nations for goods packaging and transportation of diagnostic specimens, biological materials, and other dangerous goods.

3”x 3” (sheet holds 90 ml (3 oz.) of water, or 22.5 ml (0.8 oz.) of blood)

6”x 6” (sheet holds 360 ml (12.2 oz.) of water, or 90 ml (3 oz.) of blood)

12”x 12” (sheet holds 1440 ml (48.7 oz.) of water, or 360 ml (12.2 oz.) of blood)



    008   3”x 3”
$470.79   Buy !
    006  6”x 6”
$145.75   Buy !
    004  12”x 12”
$392.50   Buy !



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ThermoSafe™ Barrier Sheets

ThermoSafe™ Absorbent Barrier Sheets

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