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Kimberly-Clark™ Respirators | Surgical Masks

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Kimberly-Clark™ Tecnol® PFR95 N95 Respirator | Surgical Mask
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Kimberly-Clark™ Tecnol® PFR95 N95 NIOSH approved respirators and surgical masks provide a minimum of 95% filtration efficiency at 0.3µm. This pouch-style design provides a large breathing chamber with limited facial contact. Two polyurethane bands secure the mask to the face to ensure a tight facial seal and prevent leakage around the mask edges.

Also available as an orange top Fluidshield™ mask, which protects from exposure to blood and body fluid contaminants; And available with film facial seal.


    Respirator | Surgical Mask    
  122  Regular Size
  $395.88   Buy !


  122  Regular Size
  $70.98   Buy !


    Respirator | Surgical Mask with Fluidshield    
  177  Small Size
  $288.70   Buy !
  153  Regular Size
  $288.70   Buy !


    Respirator | Surgical Mask with Film Seal and Fluidshield    
  133  Small Size
  $407.64   Buy !
  137  Regular Size
  $407.64   Buy !



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Kimberly-Clark™ Tecnol®

Tecnol® PFR95 N95 Respirator | Surgical Mask

Tecnol® Masks with Film Seal and Fluidshield
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