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Purell® Sanitizing Hand Wipe | Purell® Liquid Hand Sanitizer

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Purell® Sanitizing Hand Wipe

Purell® Sanitizing Hand Wipe, Bulk

Purell® sanitizing hand wipe kills 99.99% of common germs that may make you sick. Nonlinting, durable, textured paper wipe sanitizes and moisturizes hands while wiping away light soils and dirt.

Take anywhere for a cleaner, healthier environment. Enhance guest experience and satisfaction with economical towelettes that clean and sanitize. Individually wrapped, "on-the-go" amenity item for a wide variety of markets, including banks, foodservice, school, travel and hospitality. Made with 62% ethyl alcohol. 5" x 7" hand wipe (individually wrapped).

» Purell® MSDS (PDF)

Case bulk packed: 1000/Case

    9021  1 Case   $109.25   Buy !







Purell® Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottle

Purell® Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottle

Purell® instant hand sanitizer is America's #1 instant hand sanitizer. Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness. Works in as little as 15 seconds. No water or towels needed. Specially formulated moisturizers leave hands feeling soft and refreshed. Available: 2 oz. or 8 oz. bottle.

* There is no minimum order requirement on Purell® products.

    0624  2oz. Bottle,  24/case   $86.76   Buy !
    6741  8oz. Bottle,  12/case   $103.80   Buy !







Purell® Sanitizer NXT® Refill 1000-ml

Purell® Sanitizer NXT® Refill 1000 ml

Instant hand sanitizer formulated for the food processing industry. Use as a no-rinse adjunct to hand washing. Effective against germs and microorganisms that may cause illness. Supports hand hygiene compliance; meets guidelines for use in USDA and US federally regulated food processing facilities.

    2163  8/case   $187.12   Buy !
      1000ml Refill Dispenser    
    2006  6/case   $130.02   Buy !







Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill, 800-mL Bag-in-Box Dispenser

Purell® Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill for 800-mL Bag-in-Box Dispenser

Purell® instant hand sanitizer refill-, 800 mL bag-in-box system. Portion controlled. ADA compliant for push force. 800 mL bag-in-box refills GOJ9637, GOJ9656-06, and GOJ9666-06 (sold separately).

Case packed: 6/case

    6211  Bag-in-box   $110.88   Buy !




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Purell® Products

Purell® Sanitizing Hand Wipe Bulk

Purell® Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottle
Purell® 800-mL Bag-in-Box Dispenser
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