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MSA™ Respirator Masks

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MSA™ Advantage® 200 LS Half Mask Respirator

Advantage® 200 LS Half Mask Respirator, Reuseable

For unmatched fit and comfort, the Advantage® 200 LS Half Mask Respirators feature a unique MultiFlex® system — a soft, pliable combination of rubber and plastic that provides a customized fit. The MultiFlex® system delivers exceptional stability and won’t collapse during wear. System includes the AnthroCurve® sealing surface to equalize pressure on the face seal area. This sealing surface instantly conforms to the wearer’s unique facial characteristics. Respirators are supplied with either a single neck strap or a split (two-piece) neck strap. NIOSH approved.

Ordering Information: Cartridges are sold separately. To order compatible cartridges and filters, contact your Luvmedical sales representative.

Each style/size case packed: 6/case


    Single Neck Strap    
  0408  Small  $116.78   Buy !
  0406  Medium  $116.78   Buy !
  0410  Large  $116.78   Buy !
    Split (Two-Piece) Neck Strap    
  5436  Small  $118.88   Buy !
  5438  Medium  $118.88   Buy !
  5440  Large  $118.88   Buy !





MSA™ Comfo Classic® Half Mask Respirator

Comfo Classic* Half Mask Respirator, Reuseable

The MSA™ Comfo Classic® respirator offers you everything you need in security and protection on hazardous restoration sites.

MSA™ twin-cartridge respirators protect against a variety of respiratory hazards. These are fitted with chemical cartridges, aerosol filters or a combination of the two, removing specific contaminants from the inhaled air. While face pieces are designed to maximize comfort and minimize skin irritation, they resist chemicals and facial oils. The Comfo Classic® respirator features a unique face seal design that gives the wearer an exceptional fit. NIOSH approved.

Ordering Information: Cartridges are sold separately. To order compatible cartridges and filters, contact your Luvmedical sales representative.

Each size case packed: 2/case


  5471  Small  $104.20   Buy !
  5491  Medium  $104.20   Buy !
  5481  Large  $104.20   Buy !





Millennium® CBRN Gas Mask

Millennium® CBRN Gas Mask, Reuseable

Combines high performance, customized fit, comfort and cost efficiency in a version of the reliable military-style gas mask (MCU-2/P).

A flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens with a wide field of vision is bonded to the durable Hycar rubber facepiece. A drinking tube provides connection for fluid ingestion in contaminated atmospheres. An internal nose cup with two check valves deflects air from the lens and reduces fogging. A fully elastic, six-point head harness promotes easy on/off and adjustment, with no hair pulling. A standard mechanical speaking diaphragm is included, or MSA’s optional ESP® II communications system can be added. A butyl-coated nylon hood is available for total head protection. The dual-canister mount allows weapon sighting from either shoulder. The CBRN canister contains chemical sorbents and a P100 filter to attract, retain and neutralize contaminants. The Millennium® CBRN gas mask is designed to be used as a system, and while the thread and gasket meet the specifications of the standard, only MSA-manufactured components are tested and certified as assemblies.

Applications: Domestic Preparedness, CBRN Incidents, Tear Gas

NIOSH CBRN Approved.    NTOA Member Tested and Recommended.

Each size case packed: 1 Each


  6451  Small  $481.28   Buy !
  6461  Medium  $481.28   Buy !
  6471  Large  $481.28   Buy !



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MSA™ half mask respirators

MSA™ Advantage® 200 LS, MSA™ Comfo Classic® Half Mask Respirators, & MSA™ Millennium® CBRN

MSA™ Part Number 808072, 808074, 808073
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