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Formaldehyde Monitor | Personal Air Sampling Monitor

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3M Formaldehyde Monitor

3M Formaldehyde Monitor

Monitor personnel or work areas in laboratories and in the chemical, pulp/paper, foundry, and textile industries. Clip easily to lapel. Analysis procedure available upon request. Meet and exceed OSHA accuracy requirements. Overall accuracy is within 25% at a 95% confidence level for a sampling range of 0.55.0ppm.
Shelf life of 18 months.

Monitor 4641 includes complete analysis by 3M. Not acceptable for Short Term Exposure Limit ("STEL") monitoring.

Caution: All 3M products must be used in accordance with OSHA regulations and the user instructions, warnings, and limitations accompanying each product.

Packaged: 5/case


    Formaldehyde Monitor and Analysis    
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    Formaldehyde Monitor Only    
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Personal Diffusional Air Sampling Monitor

Personal Diffusional Air Sampling Monitor

3M Monitors use the proven scientific principle of diffusion, which is the gradual mixing of molecules of two or more substances. They are designed for sampling personal exposures in work areas in a variety of industries.

Ethylene Oxide Monitor utilizes brominated carbon to collect and convert the reactive ethylene oxide to a more stable chemical derivative, 2-bromoethanol. This compound is then desorbed with methylene chloride in methanol. It meets OSHA's requirement for accuracy within 25% for 8 hour samplings at 1ppm and the requirement for accuracy within 35% for 8 hour samplings at the action limit.

Formaldehyde Monitor uses a bisulfite-impregnated filter and is analyzed by colorimetry. It can be used for 8 hour TWA sampling to meet the OSHA requirement of 25% accuracy at 0.55.0ppm. However, this monitor does not have the sensitivity for short term exposure limit (STEL) monitoring.

Both monitors have an 18-month shelf life.


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    Ethylene Oxide Monitor*    
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    Formaldehyde Monitor*    
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