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Microflex™ ColorTouch® Pink Latex Exam Glove
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Microflex™ ColorTouch® Pink Latex Exam Glove

ColorTouch® pink latex exam glove delivers medical-grade barrier protection with consistent comfort and quality. High quality, polymer-coated latex is easy to don and reduces hand fatigue. Fully textured for a secure grip. For single use only.

Glove is ambidextrous, comes with beaded cuff, and is powder-Free. Length: 24.5cm (9-5/8"). Thickness: 6.7mil (finger), 5.9mil (palm), 3.9mil (cuff).

Please Note: A donation of $1 for each case purchased is made to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Packaged: 100 glove per box - 10 boxes/case

  526  Small $175.43   Buy !
  528  Medium $175.43   Buy !
  530  Large $175.43   Buy !
  532  XLarge $175.43   Buy !




Microflex™ ColorTouch® Black Nitrile Exam Glove
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Microflex™ ColorTouch® MidKnight® Black Nitrile Exam Glove

ColorTouch® MidKnight® powder free black nitrile exam glove provides exceptional tactile sensitivity, comfort, and durability. Distinct color masks stains. Fully textured for a firm grip.

Glove is ambidextrous and comes with beaded cuff. Length: 24.5cm (9-5/8"). Thickness: 5.5mil (finger), 4.7mil (palm), 3.1mil (cuff).

Packaged: 100 glove per box - 10 boxes/case

  364  XSmall $196.92   Buy !
  366  Small $196.92   Buy !
  368  Medium $196.92   Buy !
  370  Large $196.92   Buy !
  372  XLarge $196.92   Buy !
  374  2XL $196.92   Buy !




MCR Safety™ Vinyl Glove

MCR Safety™ Vinyl Glove

MCR Safety™ lightly powdered disposable vinyl glove is designed specifically for food service and industrial applications. The non-sterile, ambidextrous glove is made of 100% synthetic vinyl. Glove features rolled cuffs and a non-textured exterior finish. For non-medical use.
● Length: 9½in
● Thickness: 5 mil
● Color: clear

* No minimum order requirement on MCR Safety™ brand products.

Packaged: 100 glove per box - 10 boxes/case



  317  Small $87.32   Buy !
  325  Medium $87.32   Buy !
  341  Large $87.32   Buy !
  285  XLarge $87.32   Buy !




Yellow Rubber Glove

Yellow Rubber Glove

Soft comfort lining makes the glove comfortable and easy to take on and off. Natural rubber latex glove stretch for less hand fatigue and resist snags and tears. Embossed, tractor-tread pattern offers excellent wet or dry grip. Glove is well suited for industrial applications, food processing, laboratories, and general maintenance.
● Length: 12in
● Thickness: 18 mil

Each size packed: 72 pair per case



  125S  Small $93.90   Buy !
  125M  Medium $93.90   Buy !
  125L  Large $93.90   Buy !
  125XL  XLarge $93.90   Buy !




Polyethylene Glove

Polyethylene ("Poly") Glove

Embossed polyethylene glove is designed to keep your hands clean and free of dirt. Embossed polyethylene glove is ambidextrous, universally sized, latex free, powder free, and lightweight yet durable. Embossed polyethylene glove is ideal for food manufacturing and food handling. Polyethylene glove is a very effective and economical way to keep hands clean and sanitary. Comply with USDA guidelines for food handling.
● Finish: Smooth
● Thickness: 0.02mm
● Color: Clear
● Size: Universal

Packaged: 1000 glove (2 - 500 count/boxes)



  100PE  Poly Glove $18.96   Buy !


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Disposable Gloves

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