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Mercury Spill Kits and Mercury Absorbent

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PIG™ Mercury Spill Kit  

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PIG™ Mercury Spill Kit

Kit features a vacuum pump that allows you to collect and recycle liquid mercury. Includes collection vials and cleanup gear for up to 6 spills. Scoop/spatulas allow for gathering of mercury droplets. Durable polyethylene carrying case. All components are non-hazardous.

Composition: Case - Polyethylene; Gloves - Latex; Tape - Butyl Rubber; Vials & Bags - Plastic

Kit Includes:
6 - Pair Latex Gloves
6 - Scoop/Spatulas
1 - Butyl Rubber Tape (Roll)
7 - Plastic Zip Closure Bags
6 - Pre-moistened Wipes
1 - Storage/Carrying Case
1 - Vacuum Hand Pump
6 - Collection Vials (Each vial can hold up to 30 mL; 180 mL in total)
1 - Safety Glasses



340  1 Kit   $525.01   Buy !





SPILFYTER™ Mercury Spill Kit  

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SPILFYTER™ Mercury Spill Kit

For fast, safe clean-up of small mercury spills of up to 25mL (0.85oz.). Converts mercury into an amalgam which helps to prevent toxic vapor contamination.

Kit includes MERCSORB® amalgamation powder for absorbing mercury droplets and halts the emission of dangerous mercury vapors by converting elemental mercury into an amalgam plus mercury indicator powder to identify the presence of mercury in suspected contaminated areas. Mercury indicator powder changes color from yellow to brown upon contact with mercury metal or vapor.

Contents of kit include 270g (9.5oz.) of MERCSORB® amalgamation powder, 250g (8.8oz.) of mercury indicator powder, whisk-on pan, one pair of nitrile gloves, shaker bottle of vapor suppressor, chemical sponge, mercury aspirator bottle, mixing cup with wooden spatula, 38.1x 38.1cm (15"x 15") disposal bag, caution label, and bag closure.

Ordering information: Mercury amalgamation powder and mercury indicator powder may also be purchased separately. * There is no minimum order requirement on SPILFYTER™ brand products.


  Mercury Spill Kit      
  203  1 Kit   $257.56   Buy !
  Mercury Indicator Powder, 8.8 oz. Shaker Bottle      
  205  1 Each   $60.51   Buy !
  Mercury Amalgamation Powder, 9.5 oz. Shaker Bottle      
  836  1 Each   $43.83   Buy !




Chemizorb® Hg Absorbent  

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Chemizorb® Hg Absorbent

This mercury Absorbent is sufficient for the safe and simple decontamination of an area of roughly one square metre. Chemizorb® Hg does not affect skin, gloves should be worn to avoid contact with mercury. Mercury containing waste material must be disposed of as special waste in accordance with the official regulations. Chemizorb® Hg is an all-inclusive set of reagents and auxiliaries for the safe and complete removal of drops of mercury and of traces of elemental mercury.

Ordering Information: A Set contains 500g reagent 1 and 100mL reagent 2, plus accessories in plastic case.

» Chemizorb® Hg MSDS



  576  1 Set   $330.60   Buy !


  Chemizorb Hg Reagent Refill Pack      
  569  1 Each   $236.79   Buy !


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Mercury Spill Kit and Mercury Absorbent

Pig™, Spilfyter™, and Chemizorb®

Mercury Vapor Suppressor, Mercury Clean-Up
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