Fluid-Resistant Face Masks

■ Ear Loop and Tie-On fluid-resistant masks are made of soft, non-woven polypropylene. The 3-ply pleated design offers 0.05 micron filtration at greater than 99%. A full-length flat aluminum wire forms comfortably to the nose and face to maintain an excellent fit for maximum filtration. Masks are fluid resistant and disposable. The Ear Loop Mask fits snugly around the ears with elastic loops. Tie-On Masks are secured with two pair of polypropylene ties.

■ Masks with protective face shields utilize the same high quality masks as our regular Ear Loop and Tie-On fluid-resistant masks with the addition of ultra-protective eye shields. This permanent anti-fog shield is optically clear and extremely lightweight. The shield offers full peripheral vision even when worn with prescription glasses.

■ Disposable cone masks are constructed of three layers of polyester fibers and offer a filtration efficiency greater than 95%. Masks are fluid resistant and secured with an adjustable nose clip and elastic band. Masks are latex-free and fiberglass free.

Bouffant Caps

Confidence is key when you put on our Advantage I Bouffant Caps. You will feel the quality and consistency that is inherent in all of our head coverings. You will quickly discover that these are caps you can rely on for superior comfort, coverage, and ultimate protection.

Advantage I polypropylene bouffant caps are ideal for use in medical, laboratory, cleanroom, and industrial applications where a lightweight head covering is necessary. These 100% polypropylene bouffant caps are highly breathable and low-lint. The elastic opening is available in 18", 21", 24", or 28" sizes making the cap comfortable and secure for any hairstyle. Bouffant cap weight is 14g/m2. Our bouffant caps are packaged in boxes for medical and general use, or bagged for cleanrooms.

Advantage I Fabric Information


Fluid Resistant Face Masks & Bouffant Caps

Ear Loop mask, Tie-On mask, and disposable cone mask