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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection

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Desco™ Reusable Non-Marring Heel Grounder

Desco™ Reusable Non-Marring Heel Grounder

Desco™ reusable non-marring heel grounder incorporates a three-layer yellow heel cup that will not mar shoes or floors. The static-dissipative vinyl has a surface resistance of 106 ohms, which yields an effective resistance to ground, eliminating the need for a discrete resistor.

Packaged: 10/Case



  604  Heal Grounder  $163.08   Buy !





3M™ Heel and Toe Grounders

3M™ Heel and Toe Grounders, Disposable

These products ground personnel when they are in contact with conductive/dissipative flooring. Each features a 61cm (24") long conductive ribbon that is inserted into the shoe to complete the path to ground. Heel style grounders feature a conductive cup that fits around the heel and is secured to the ankle by an elastic strap. Toe style grounders feature a conductive cup that fits securely on the toe of the shoe or boot and is held in place by an elastic ankle strap. One size fits most shoes and boots. To be effective, a shoe grounder must be worn on each foot.



    Heel Grounder    
  186  25/Case  $353.29   Buy !
    Toe Grounder    
  188  625/Case  $409.92   Buy !

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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection

Desco™ Non-Marking Heel Grounder

3M™ Disposable Heel Grounder
3M™ Disposable Toe Grounder
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