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DuPont™ Tychem® QC Coveralls

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DuPont™ Tychem® QC Coverall

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QC127B - Hooded Coverall with Elastic Ankle

DuPont™ Tychem® QC coverall provides a chemical barrier for protection in minor chemical cleanups and spills. Durable yet economical enough for easy disposability. Bound seams are reinforced with an outer binding to increase seam strength and barrier resistance. Elasticized closures around the hood, wrists, and ankles provide a better fit. Front zipper closure. Available with or without attached socks. Color: Yellow

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Please Note: Tychem® QC will provide barrier protection against radioactive liquid contamination. Tychem® QC suits will not protect against ionizing radiation*. A heavy shielding material, such as lead, is required to provide protection from ionizing radiation.

Ionizing Radiation is extremely shortwavelength, high energy penetrating electromagnetic waves, such as gamma and x-rays, emitted from radioactive elements and isotopes and certain electronic instruments. While alpha-particles and beta particles are considered ionizing radiation, they are unlikely to penetrate Tychem® QC protective clothing fabric.

All styles/sizes case packed: 12/case


    QC127B - Hooded Coverall with Elastic Ankle    
    338   Medium   $188.14  Buy !
    337   Large $188.14  Buy !
    340   XLarge $188.14  Buy !
    341   2XL $197.63  Buy !
    342   3XL $207.65  Buy !
    343   4XL $221.88  Buy !



    QC122B - Hooded Coverall with Attached Socks    
    665   Medium   $199.39  Buy !
    311   Large $199.39  Buy !
    312   XLarge $199.39  Buy !
    313   2XL $209.54  Buy !
    310   3XL $220.35  Buy !
    309   4XL $235.57  Buy !



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DuPont™ Tychem® QC Coveralls

Tychem® QC127B Hooded Coverall with Elastic Ankle

Tychem® QC122B Hooded Coverall with Attached Socks
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