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CalStat™ Antiseptic Handrub

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CalStat™ Antiseptic Handrub

Antiseptic Handrub with Isopropyl Alcohol

CalStat™ antiseptic handrub contains isopropyl alcohol that is formulated with selected emollinets to soften skin and prevent dryness. Portability, ease of use, and superior aesthetics improve hand hygiene compliance.

CalStat™ dye free isopropyl alcohol handrub patented formulation improves antimicrobial efficacy.

CalStat™ is ideal for personnel in pharmaceutical environments for reducing the risk of environmental contamination.

      2 oz. Bottle    
    5000  96/case $225.59   Buy !
      4 oz. Bottle    
    5002  72/case $274.58   Buy !
      15 oz. Bottle    
    5004  18/case $265.87   Buy !
      1 Liter Bottle    
    5006  12/case $296.94   Buy !




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CalStat™ antiseptic handrub

Isopropyl alcohol handrub

Antiseptic Handrub with Isopropyl Alcohol
Dye Free Handrub
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