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Biohazard Bags (Clear, Red, or Orange)

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VWR International Biohazard Bag

Autoclavable biohazard bags are ideal for processing of biohazardous materials which require autoclaving prior to disposal. Available with or without temperature indicator. High-integrity polypropylene bags withstand 135C (275F) maximum autoclave temperature. Twist-tie closure allows bag to expand and vent steam during cooling. Bags resist punctures, tears, and leaks, and meet the 165g dart drop standard performed as required by ASTM D1709-98. Bags are 2 mil. thick and are available in clear, red, or orange plastic. Each bag is imprinted with the universal biohazard symbol.

Indicator bags have the words Contents Have Been Autoclaved printed in a chemically active ink. Before autoclaving, the ink is white. After autoclaving is complete, it darkens, providing instant proof that biohazardous waste has been autoclaved. Indicator bags are available in red or orange.

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Clear Bag

    066  12W x 24H
200 /Case
$283.57  Buy !
    068  24W x 30H
200 /Case
$346.11  Buy !
    070  24W x 36H
200 /Case
$349.74  Buy !
    680  37W x 48H
100 /Case
$583.01  Buy !




Red Bag with Indicator

    026  8W x 12H
400 /Case
$238.75  Buy !
    028  14W x 19H
200 /Case
$191.21  Buy !
    030  19W x 24H
200 /Case
$337.46  Buy !
    032  25W x 35H
200 /Case
$594.06  Buy !
    034  36W x 45H
100 /Case
$368.26  Buy !





Orange Bag with Indicator

    046  8W x 12H
400 /Case
$355.16  Buy !
    048  14W x 19H
200 /Case
$197.88  Buy !
    050  19W x 24H
200 /Case
$355.89  Buy !
    052  25W x 35H
200 /Case
$531.10  Buy !
    054  36W x 45H
100 /Case
$588.44  Buy !



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VWR International Biohazard Bags

High-integrity Polypropylene Bag

Clear Biohazard Bag, Red Biohazard Bag
Orange Biohazard Bag