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Anti-Static, Static Dissipative Vinyl Binders (ESD)

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Seco™ ESD Static Dissipative Vinyl Binder

Seco™ ESD Binder

Seco™ anti-static binders are three-ring binders designed for use at approved field force workstations and in static-sensitive environments. Manufactured from humidity-independent, non-contaminating, 6.5 gauge static dissipative (Secovac 192) vinyl. ESD warning is permanently printed on the front cover and spine. Feature a spine pocket. For paper size 8˝ x 11.

Color: blue

  3006  1 inch-  26/case $457.14   Buy !
  3008  1˝ inch-  20/case $402.36   Buy !
  3010  2 inch-  14/case $380.00   Buy !







Desco™ ESD Static Dissipative Vinyl Binder

Desco™ ESD Binder

Desco™ binders feature static dissipative vinyl stretched over cardboard which makes these three-ring binders convenient and suitable for use in ESD-sensitive environments. Edges are heat-sealed. Ring sizes for these binders are 1, 2, and 3 inch, and hold standard 8˝ x 11 paper. The ESD protection symbol is hot-stamped on the lower left front and lower spine of the binder.
Color: blue

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  9438  1 inch- 22/case     $476.72   Buy !
  9440  2 inch- 12/case     $298.99   Buy !
  9442  3 inch- 8/case     $259.81   Buy !




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Static Dissipative ESD Binder

Three-ring Vinyl ESD Binder

SECO™ anti-static and Desco™ anti-static ESD binders
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