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BactoShield® CHG 4% Surgical Scrub

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BactoShield® CHG Surgical Scrub

Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG)

Designed for healthcare personnel hand washing, surgical hand scrub, patient preoperative skin preparation, and skin wound and general skin cleansing. BactoShield® contains 4% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) skin cleanser that provides rapid and persistent antimicrobial action. BactoShield® is amber in color with a fresh scent.

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    16 oz. Bottle     
  700  12/case  $172.29  Buy !
    31.8 oz. Bottle     
  900  12/case  $255.10  Buy !
    1 Gallon Bottle     
  266  4/case  $388.34  Buy !



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STERIS® BactoShield®

BactoShield® Surgical Scrub / Soap

Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) 4%