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Chemical Spill Containment


SpillSolv™ Laboratory Spill Kit

SpillSolv™ laboratory spill kits for safe, easy, effective spill treatment in the laboratory. SpillSolv* kits are available for acid, caustic, solvent, formaldehyde, or mercury spills. Also available is a multipurpose spill kit that contains spill response materials for a combination of spills.

Agents are formulated to rapidly clean up chemical spills and vapors.

Each bottle has a convenient dispensing cap for shaking or pouring.

Ordering information: Packaged in a lightweight, wall-mountable kit that can be brought to the spill. The acid, caustic, and solvent kits each contain six bottles of SpillSolv* agent formulated for the type of spill. The multipurpose kit contains two containers of each of the three spill agents. The formaldehyde kit contains one 200g (7 oz.) bottle of formaldehyde adsorbent and immobilizer powder, six 950mL (32.1 oz.) bottles of formaldehyde neutralization concentrate (base), and six 50mL (1.7 oz.) bottles of formaldehyde neutralization concentrate activator. The mercury kit contains one bottle each of immobilizer and vapor suppressant.

Each kit includes the following accessory items: goggles, gloves, disposal bags, scoops, sponge, and guide. The mercury spill kit also includes syringes and Tyvek* booties. The formaldehyde spill kit also includes spray heads.

SpillSolv™ spill kit MSDS is available upon request. Contact our » customer support.

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Spilfyter™ Mercury Spill Kit

Spilfyter™ mercury spill kit for fast, safe clean-up of small mercury spills of up to 25mL (0.85 oz.). Converts mercury into an amalgam which helps to prevent toxic vapor contamination.

Mercury spill kit includes MERCSORB* amalgamation powder for absorbing mercury droplets and halts the emission of dangerous mercury vapors by converting elemental mercury into an amalgam plus mercury indicator powder to identify the presence of mercury in suspected contaminated areas. Mercury indicator powder changes color from yellow to brown upon contact with mercury metal or vapor.

Contents of kit include 270g (9.5 oz.) of MERCSORB amalgamation powder, 250g (8.8 oz.) of mercury indicator powder, whisk-on pan, one pair of nitrile gloves, shaker bottle of vapor suppressor, chemical sponge, mercury aspirator bottle, mixing cup with wooden spatula, 38.1x38.1cm (15"x15") disposal bag, caution label, and bag closure. Mercury amalgamation powder and mercury indicator powder may also be purchased separately.

Spilfyter™ spill kit MSDS is available upon request. Contact our » customer support

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Chemizorb® Hg Mercury Absorbent

Chemizorb® Hg, absorbent for mercury is sufficient for the safe and simple decontamination of an area of roughly one square metre. Chemizorb® Hg does not affect skin, gloves should be worn to avoid contact with mercury. Mercury containing waste material must be disposed of as special waste in accordance with the official regulations. Chemizorb® Hg is an all-inclusive set of reagents and auxiliaries for the safe and complete removal of drops of mercury and of traces of elemental mercury.

Ordering Information: Pack contains 500 g reagent 1 and 100 mL reagent 2, plus accessories in plastic case.

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Petro Lock, ALKY, Acid Lock

Petro Lock™ quickly and easily absorbs petroleum based spills, such as gasoline, crude oil, solvents, paint sludge, or any other oil based product. Petro is oil specific and will not absorb water-based liquids.
Packaged: 4 – 8 oz. Bottles, 2.5 lb. Pail, 12.5 lb. Bucket, or 25 lb. Drum

Additional petroleum absorbents . . . » See more

ALKY™ neutralizes and solidifies high pH fluid spills. When applied to the alkaline spill, ALKY™ turns blue, then yellow when spill has been safely neutralized.
Packaged: 5 – 15 oz. Bottles, 3.5 lb. Pail, 17.5 lb. Bucket, or 50 lb. Drum

Acid Lock™ neutralizes and solidifies low pH fluid spills. When applied to an acidic spill, Acid Lock™ turns pink, then yellow when the spill has been safely neutralized.
Packaged: 5 – 15 oz. Bottles, 3.5 lb. Pail, 17.5 lb. Bucket, or 50 lb. Drum


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Laboratory Chemical Spill Kits

Caustics Spill Kit, Acids Spill Kit, and Solvents Spill Kit

Formaldehyde Spill Kit, and Mercury Spill Kit

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